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O.C. dad grooms daughters for business

July 22, 2010

BJ Fazeli, a pioneer in the direct response industry, has always owned his own businesses, and now he's passing on what he knows of entrepreneurship to his three daughters.

For the past 20 years, his business has been BJ Global in Irvine, which does everything from designing products to producing infomercials to sell those products, to buying media time or space to servicing customers after the sale. It has even expanded into providing these services for other product companies.

Direct response is often better known as infomercials or "As Seen on TV" products, and catalogs. One of Fazeli's early products was car wax that he promoted with infomercials that set fire to a car's hood.


Direct response is often better known as infomercials or "As Seen on TV" products, and catalogs. One of Fazeli's early products was car wax that he promoted with infomercials that set fire to a car's hood.

Now Fazeli is grooming his daughters to take on the family business, an interesting challenge that about three fourths of family businesses can't quite achieve. Many suffer from lack of interest, intra-family squabbles and incompetence.

The three daughters - Romy, Mahdice and Kyana - have been working in dad's business as long as they can remember. Today Romy, the oldest, is creative director overseeing new product development and infomercial production. Mahdice, who just graduated from college, will soon start full time in the Irvine headquarters. Kyana, who just graduated from high school, will help out part time while going to college.

But Fazeli's rule is that each one must work in the most important department of BJ Global: customer service. "We are building a brand so customer service and fulfillment are very important to us," he said.

BJ Global outsources order taking, the toll-free number given on infomercials. But it keeps in house all contact with everyone who buys a BJ Global product and then has a question or complaint.

"It's all about customer service," explained operations manager Brandi Swenson. "Most callers are not happy; we want to make sure they hang up happy."

Fazeli said talking to customers gives his daughters appreciation for customer feedback, which will help them as they create new products and develop the infomercials and catalog ads that sell those products.

The company relies heavily on incentives to boost the morale and production of its all female customer service staff, said daughter Romy who helped develop the program with Swenson.

Good service is rewarded with everything from days off to employee of the week recognition to monthly raffles for iPods.

Money is not even the top reward, Fazeli said. Workers often choose time off or recognition that shows appreciation for the work. Company representatives attend about 60 trade shows a year and on the final day, Fazeli takes the workers to dinner to celebrate their hard work.

Fazeli's daughters have another significant role at BJ Global. A combination of their first names - Kymaro - is the brand for the company's major product line of products that "make women feel beautiful and look beautiful at affordable prices." (The company's other brand is Duragear, which are household tools such as mops and flexible screwdrivers.)

Nothing like having your name on a product to capture your attention.

The daughters suggest products for the Kymaro name "that we would like to use ourselves," Mahdice said.

The current biggest seller is the Kymaro Body Shaper, girdle-like shapewear. The newest is the Rhythm Rocker, a piece of exercise equipment that launches Monday (July 26).

Every product is marketed the same way, infomercials that air first on television and increasingly become the foundation for other media. These days, daughter Romy concentrates on infomercial production and placement as well as overseeing new product development.

Increasingly the company isn't limiting the showing of those long-form commercials to television.

"We start on television," Fazeli said. "In today's world we have a second screen with the Internet. And the next step is a third screen we're looking at, cell phones."

The company's e-commerce website,, also airs all its commercials. It also has Facebook and Twitter accounts and a blog.

"We're breaking onto the silver screen with product placement in a movie this fall," Fazeli said. He won't disclose the name of the movie but said that in one scene, an actor will be watching an infomercial for the Body Shaper and the toll-free ordering number will be visible.

"We don't expect people in the theater to write down the phone number but when the movie goes to DVD, people can pause it and write down the number," he said.

BJ Global is also doing product integration with a reality TV show this fall. Again, Fazeli said he can't yet give the name of the show but the theme will be ultimate fighting for women and the Kymaro Rhythm Rocker will be one of the pieces of equipment used to get into fighting shape.

"We're marketers," Fazeli explained. "You just keep your ear to the ground and keep moving with technology."

Source: OC Register


BJ Global Direct, Inc. filed a lawsuit in United States District Court for the Central District of California against Ediza Online, Inc. on May 14, 2009. In the lawsuit, BJ Global alleged that Ediza had unlawfully offered for sale BJ Global’s Kymaro New Body Shaper using BJ Global’s common law and federally registered trademark rights in the Kymaro trademarks and the associated product packaging and advertising text on the website and through Ediza’s other distribution channels. BJ Global brought claims for trademark infringement, trademark dilution, unfair competition, and false advertising in violation of California State and federal laws.

The United States District Court for the Central District of California agreed. On December 30, 2009, the court entered judgment against Ediza. In the judgment, the court declared that Ediza had: (1) violated 15 U.S.C. § 1125 (c) by tarnishing, blurring, disparaging, diminishing or otherwise diluting the Kymaro New Body Shaper trademarks; (2) violated Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 14247 by tarnishing, blurring, disparaging, diminishing or otherwise diluting the distinctive quality of the Kymaro Marks; (3) committed unfair competition in violation of California Business & Professions Code § 17200; (4) committed false advertising in violation of California Business & Professions Code § 17500; (5) infringed upon BJ Global’s common law trademark rights in the Kymaro New Body Shaper; and (6) committed common law unfair competition.

The court permanently enjoined Ediza, agents, servants, employees, officers, attorneys, alter egos, and other persons in active concert or participation with any of them who receive actual notice of the judgment from: (1) falsely or misleadingly describing the characteristics, qualities or origin of their goods and services; (2) committing false advertising in violation of California Business & Professions Code § 17500 and/or 15 U.S.C. § 1125(a); (3) unfairly competing with BJ Global in violation of common law and/or California Business & Professions Code § 17200; (4) infringing Plaintiff’s trademarks and intellectual property in any manner whatsoever; (5) performing or allowing any act or thing which may dilute by tarnishment, blurring, disparaging, or otherwise diluting the distinctive quality of Plaintiff's trademarks; (6) causing a likelihood of confusion with BJ Global Direct, Inc.’s trademarks, products, services, commercial activities or intellectual property or causing injuries to BJ Global’s reputation; and (7) improperly using Plaintiff's trademarks and/or intellectual property in advertising, promoting or marketing.

Finally, the court awarded BJ Global $500,000 in compensatory damages, $93,855.75 in attorneys’ fees, and $5,656.29 in costs for a total of $599,512.04 plus post-judgment interest. David Battaglia, a partner in the Los Angeles office of Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP, represents BJ Global.


September 21, 2007

Irvine, CA – BJ Global Digital, the production division of the BJ Global Group of Companies, is pleased to announce that its services are now available to outside businesses. These services are to include commercial production, e commerce and full service worldwide marketing.

Working together with a vast network of some of the top industry professionals, BJ Global Digital offers over 30 years experience in all aspects of Direct Response Television Production. With success in such categories as health and beauty, fitness, house ware, automotive, and hardware, BJ Global Digital has the expertise to promote any type of product.

“I am very excited about this new venture,” says BJ Fazeli, President and Founder of the BJ Global Group. “Since its inception BJ Global Digital has proven to be a valuable asset to our group. In offering our services to other companies we hope to build on its success.”

“I am looking forward to the creative challenge of working with other companies,” says Dan Dunn, Producer. “I also believe that with our competitive production costs and BJ Global experience we will be able to offer customers unparalleled service.”

The BJ Global Group of Companies, headed by BJ Fazeli one of the pioneers in the DRTV industry, was established in 1989 to provide a complete array of services which include: Domestic and International Sales, Marketing and Distribution, Media Buying and Media Management, Overall Campaign Management, Complete Television Production, Web Design and E Commerce marketing, Product Manufacturing, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, 3D Solid Modeling, Engineering Drawing, as well as Prototype Development.


September 12, 2005

Irvine, Ca – BJ Global Digital, a company within the BJ Global Group of companies, announced today the completion of four new infomercials to be introduced at the 15th annual ERA tradeshow in Las Vegas on September 19th – 21st. The products are proprietary and fall under one of the companies newly developed brands to be launched this year in the US and around the globe.

I am very pleased with our efforts to develop and produce quality products and infomercials that will help launch our brands and continue to build success worldwide,” says BJ Fazeli, President and Founder of the BJ Global Group of Companies. “These are the first of many products and shows to be launched under our own brand names which is something we are very proud of.”


September 06, 2005

Irvine, CA – BJ Global Direct and Suave Y Facil have formed a joint venture to develop products for sales and distribution via DRTV and retail in Mexico, with plans to extend throughout Latin America and the rest of the world. As part of the agreement BJ Global Digital will produce a number of infomercials and manage all creative and campaign elements involved in the rollout.

There is tremendous opportunity that exists for us through this venture with Suave Y Facil due to the fact that they are one of the largest DRTV operators and have extensive business in retail in Mexico,” said BJ Fazeli, President and Founder of the BJ Global Group of companies.

With the existing business that we have and the amount of growth that we’ve experienced over the past years with BJ Global Direct, it was only natural that we choose them as our partner to develop quality products and use their expertise to produce successful infomercials,” says Luis Epilstein, CEO of Suave Y Facil.


August 23, 2005

Irvine, CA – BJ Global Digital, the latest corporation added to the BJ Global Group of companies, is pleased to announce appointment of Dan Dunn and Kip Hall as Directors and Producers. Mr. Dunn and Mr. Hall have over twenty five years of experience in the television industry with an emphasis on DRTV production that caters to many markets throughout the world. With DRTV successes such as Blue Stuff, Fat Fighter System, Skin Defense and The Singer Laser Sweepa to name a few, BJ Global Digital plans on launching an array of products and brands utilizing the expertise of Dan and Kip.

“I feel very fortunate to have Dan and Kip join BJ Global Digital, as their ability to create quality shows and generate response is sure to help take our products and brands to the next level,” says BJ Fazeli, President and Founder of the BJ Global Group of companies. “I am excited to launch our shows around the world and continue to have great successes.”

“Kip and I are very excited about the opportunity to work with BJ Fazeli and his team. Based on his years of experience, exposure and reputation in the industry we feel that we will have the leverage we need to produce great shows and experience further success on a global level,” says Dan Dunn. “We feel this is the beginning of a very long and prosperous relationship with The BJ Global Group of companies.


August 23, 2005

Irvine, CA – BJ Global Direct is pleased to announce the opening of, BJ Global Distribution, out of London England. Heading up the operation is Q Fazeli, Director of Business Development and Retail. With more than fifteen years of experience in the retail segment of the United Kingdom, Q brings a substantial amount of knowledge and expertise that will lend to building a solid business structure to grow the operation. BJ Global Distribution was established to penetrate into the retail market of the UK, with the view to expand into the rest of the EU. The warehouse facility also serves as a distribution center for DRTV operators in the region, as well as for retail operations to have timely access to inventory.

“I am very excited about the creation of BJ Global Distribution and I am looking forward to working with Q on building the retail business in the region,” says BJ Fazeli, President and Founder of the BJ Global Group of companies. “We have many wonderful clients and distributors in Europe and the Middle East which will benefit tremendously from the UK Facility, which gives us much hope for the future.”

“I feel very fortunate to be a part of this global operation and working side by side with BJ Fazeli,” says “Q”, “We are seeing immediate growth in the region which we feel will just continue to grow and benefit our retail and DRTV partners for many years to come.”


BJ Global Direct signs an exclusive agreement with Lombard Management to market and distribute the Auri line of products worldwide.

With more than 5 million units of Auri products sold worldwide since 1989 and the completion of a brand new half hour infomercial of Auri Gold this June, BJ Global Direct is poised to launch this new show in the U.S. and throughout the world starting September 2004.

BJ Fazeli, President of BJ Global Direct said, "We have had incredible success marketing the Auri Car Care line before, and we know this new show can potentially create another craze in the automotive market worldwide."


September 15, 2004

Beginning in September 2004, BJ Global Direct launches products through its own media seven days a week in Latin America.

As a leader in international distribution, BJ Global Direct starts off this Latin America campaign with five hours of long form infomercial and more than 20 short form commercials everyday of the week on E! Entertainment north feed and AXN East & West Feeds. Both channels are considered highly popular among Latin Americans, and a pan-regional coverage penetrating to over 23 million household.

BJ Global Direct plans to expand its media coverage to more channels to promote its ever-growing numbers of successful products to 10 hours of infomercial and more than 50 short form commercials per day in the very near future.

BJ Fazeli, President of BJ Global Direct states, "These airtimes are vital in supporting our test and roll-out of new and existing products in the Latin American region; BJ Global Direct is committed to the success of its products and distributors."

Some of the products during this initial launch are: Noelle¡¦s Powerhouse, Forever White Plus, Auri Gold, Magic Sofa Bed, Twist N Shape, Sweet Sleeper, Smile Magic, Auto Wash and Liquid Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit.


January 21, 2004

Kicking off to a brand New Year, BJ Global Direct signed on three new products in fitness, entertainment and household categories for international distribution. Noelle's Powerhouse?and Sing with Doc Holiday?have tested successfully. Liquid Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit is already a household name in the United States with over 10 years of track record. These products will make their debuts to international distributors during the upcoming ERA Spring Conference held in Miami.

Noelle's Powerhouse A Pilates Method is a set of dynamic VHS/DVD training videos hosted by one of the most sought after Pilates trainers in America. Noelle helps you get result by teaching the Pilates Method using an uncomplicated, easy-to-follow format, with an uplifting, energetic and motivating feel. Its full length infomercial and two minute spot are sure winners for distributors worldwide.

For the first time, Doc Holiday, America's premier vocal coach, introduced his latest training VHS/DVD along with two audio CD's and a pocket guide using Doc's patented Natural Voice Technique? His methods have been taught and employed by some of the biggest names in music, including: Britney Spears, Brandy, En Voque, O-Town, Tyrese, and the Backstreet Boys. This deluxe training package is promoted by a two minute commercial spot which captures the attention of all singing enthusiasts.

Finally, the Liquid and Vinyl Repair kit is a must have for every household since it magically turns damaged leather and vinyl on sofas, chairs, car seats, dashboards, jackets and more into new. But wait! There's more! Each of these kits will come with a Fabric Repair kit for even more uses around the house.

"We have always been selective on products we represent because we believe in sharing with our distributing friends worldwide with products that have high success rate, superb quality and great value," said Vice President of Sales & Marketing at BJ Global Direct, Inc.


December 03, 2003

For the first time ever, The Siegfried & Roy Collection has been released to viewers worldwide through three incredible volumes of DVD or VHS videos, and BJ Global Direct, Inc. has secured the international marketing rights to this magical collection. Launched only two months ago in the U.S., the one and two minute commercials for the Siegfried & Roy Collection have been among the top ranking short-form infomercials. Its huge success here in the U.S. is soon to be joined by expected grand-slams across the globe because of a unique partnership and the awe-inspiring performances of the century by Siegfried & Roy.

This timeless collection includes three titles: "The Magic and The Mystery" is an amazing spectacle of incredible magical moments from the world renowned magicians and illusionists while performing in Las Vegas. "The Magic Box" is the compelling life story of how two boys from war-torn Germany turned their never-ending dreams into reality. Finally, "The World of Siegfried & Roy" allow viewers to experience a behind the scenes look at the lives, warmth and work of these unique and amazing performers and their lives with the world's most famous snow white tiger and white lion families.

"We are thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to present the Siegfried & Roy Collection to the international arena," says Vice President of Sales & Marketing at BJ Global Direct, Inc. "We have no doubt that all our distributors are just as excited to share this spectacular collection with their customers worldwide."

BJ Fazeli Acquires Williams Worldwide Television's Shares in BJW Televenta

October 8, 2003

President of BJ Global Direct, Inc., BJ Fazeli, finalized the complete shares buy-out of BJW Televenta from Williams Worldwide Television on October 8, 2003.

BJW Televenta was formed earlier this year as a Turn-Key distribution center headed by Mr. Juan Elias, based in Santiago, Chile. With its own call center, fulfillment, warehouse and media (on both Satellites and Terrestrial channels), the name of this new Chilean operation will now be BJ Televenta.

"All the infrastructures are set up and the best people are in place now to spearhead this Chilean operation into becoming the premier DRTV player in Latin America," said BJ Fazeli. In addition, BJ Televenta will be launching its first retail store early November of this year with plans of multiple retail outlets to follow.

Williams Worldwide Television and BJ Global Direct Announce Joint Venture

June 12, 2003

In a bold move, Williams Worldwide Television, BJ Global Direct and Juan Elias (aka "Papa Juan") announced the creation and launch of a joint venture, creating the strongest and most significant presence in direct response television in Chile.

The joint venture, to be known as BJW Televenta capitalizes on the combined media presence, product sourcing, and local market expertise of each player. The significance of the new venture, coming at a time where the market in Chile displays no clear leader, obviously defines the intention of the new venture to take new ideas and approaches into the existing market.

In looking for the perfect partner for Chile, our first choice was Williams. Considering their creation of Media UNO and business presence in Latin America, it was both the intelligent choice and the one which we felt most comfortable with,¨ states BJ Fazeli, President of BJ Global Direct. We are sure to experience an accelerated success from this venture with Mr. Elias's proven local knowledge and Williams's media penetration as well as the extensive successful product lines offered through BJ Global Direct and Williams Worldwide.¨

Latin America has long been a passion and a focus, especially as we consider our distributor relationships in both media and product sales to be among the best in the world,¨ remarked Priya Ghai, CEO of Williams Worldwide Television. "Combining our objective expanding our Latin American business and finding alternative product sources, revenue sources, and knowledge the ideal situation is to create a partnership with BJ Global Direct, as their strengths in new product procurement and experience in the direct response complements our own,¨ continued Ghai.


May 7, 2002

Irvine, Ca - BJ Global Direct, Inc. has signed an exclusive international distribution agreement with MediaCorp Worldwide to distribute their entire lines of successful household products. They include, but are not limited to: Quick 10, a carpet and upholstery stain remover with a :120 spot which has been on the Jordan Whitney Top 40 chart for the past 30 weeks, Salad Blaster, for Salad-to-Go, with more than 1 million units sold in the U.S. since last year, and ProtekDoor, an innovative home security product with a :120 spot that is currently sold in Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Brookstone. In addition, BJ Global Direct, Inc. has also teamed up with MediaCorp Worldwide to assist in product design, development, manufacturing and prototyping.

We are very excited about the relationship we have begun with MediaCorp Worldwide,¨ says General Manager of BJ Global Direct, Inc. It is a perfect match due to MediaCorp's constant in-flow of innovative products with short-form commercials and our proven international distribution network and relationships.¨

Launched in 1995, MediaCorp Worldwide is based in Overland Park, Kansas, and has become one of the leading development and distribution companies in the U.S focusing on innovative products with short-form commercials. MediaCorp Worldwide has recently acquired American Media Group, a premier short-form production house based in Kansas City.

This is a win-win situation for us¨, says MediaCorp Vice President, Mitch Kisberg. We expect our relationship with BJ Global to be a great asset as we search for new products to develop and bring to retail.¨


August 2, 2001

Irvine, Ca - BJ Global Direct has signed and exclusive distribution agreement with Insight Music Ltd., to distribute several of their CD compilations into Latin America. The CD collection includes, but is not limited to: Party, On the Road, 20th Century Disco, Electric, Gold, and All Rock Now. In addition, BJ Global will also team up with Insight Music to distribute a Mum & Baby CD collection into Canada.

Launched in January 1995, Insight Music Ltd is based in London, England and has become one of Europe's leading direct response audio advertiser. Insight produces music compilation CD sets that offer the biggest and best original artists.

"We are very excited about the new relationship we have begun with Insight Music Ltd.¨ Says General Manager of Sales and Sourcing, We believe this is the first of many long and prosperous business ventures, and we look forward to a continuous business relationship."